Port Hedland, WA



Industrial Life Blood, Port Hedland, Western Australia


Port Hedland, WA is a unique town, because the industrial sites are with in the town itself. This picture is an example of the main road with the industrial infrastructure that is the heart of the town such as the train and salt mine. The road and rail transports the Iron Ore from different mine sites to the sea port and will be loaded onto huge ships in the busiest port in Australia.


The Invisible Train – Port Hedland, Western Australia


This photo was shot about 5:30 in the morning, the train was moving really slow. I am assuming its getting ready to stop as it is heading towards the sea. I guess I can say I was lucky that day as the timing was perfect! The train didn’t really move much,but because of the long exposure it blurred everything. I didn’t see any streak of smoke from its movement until, I think it hit the exhaust brake or something and emitted smoke just right were the light post was and that made it visible. Thus I called this “Invisible Train”.