Shark Bay



Big Lagoon Patterns 3 – Big Lagoon, Shark Bay, WA

F5.6 @1/3200 second ISO 800 EF 28-300 mm L lens @ 50 mm

Eagle Bluff, Shark bay, WA

One of the beautiful places to see in Shark bay is the Eagle Bluff. A boardwalk on the edge of the cliff allows an overview of the shallow waters of Shark bay marine park below. Its a great spot to see wildlife such as;  sharks, manta rays, turtles and the occasional Dugong. Ray’s of light peaking through the clouds highlighted one of the two limestone islands.

Big Lagoon, Denham, WA

What an experience to fly over shark bay in Western Australia, such a beautiful place to go to. Now I can understand why its a World Heritage area.

Useless loop, Shark Bay, WA

Useless loop is a salt mine located on the Heirisson Prong on Denham Sound in the Southern Region of UNESCO World Heritage site, Shark Bay, WA.