Stirling Range



Stirling Range 2016

F5.6 @1/5 s ISO 50 EF 16-35 mm lens @ 22 mm

Rainbow at Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range, WA

F5.6 @ 1/500 s ISO 200  EF 16-35 mm lens @ 16 mm.

Its definitely 4 seasons in one day in Bluff Knoll last sunday. I was taking a photo of the mountain on the other side when it started raining. It made it difficult for me to get the shots that I want as I have to cover my self from rain. But before I ran for cover I thought I saw a rainbow very briefly. I actually have a shot of it but very faint. It rained for about 10 minutes then the sun came out. Thats when I saw the rainbow came out again! It was there all along its just been hidden from the mist and the sun made it more obvious.

Stirling Range

Stirling Range National Park encloses the only major mountain range with in the southern half of Western Australia. The rugged peaks, which rise to more than 1000 metres above sea level, feature stark cliff faces, sheltered gullies, magnificent views and a rich diversity of unique and colourful wildflowers.  The park is one of the world’s most important areas for flora with 1500 species, many of which grow nowhere else, packed within its boundaries. Reference:


Misty Crown

We had been told that Bluff Knoll has 4 seasons in a day even in summer. I found this hard to believe because we are in Western Australia and its usually hot and dry weather in Summer time. But the guide at our accommodation said that even in summer time some people who climbed the Bluff Knoll were flown by helicopter to hospital due to hypothermia. They also say that it often has misty clouds on top of it which I’d like to include to the composition, the photo I took the day before doesnt have clouds at all so that is an example of just how changeable it is.

We drove to the carpark below Bluff Knoll pretty early in anticipation of 5 hours trek (usually 3 hours but I have to include my photo shoot) and also hoping to see the mist on top of it. and it didnt disappoint me. It was very cold and windy at the car park, I realized then that the man was right! I wont deny that there is a moment of hesitation to climb Bluff Knoll because of the weather condition.
But we decided to still climb it and just make sure we have enough layers of clothing water and food and we should be alright. Then off we went. I called this Misty Crown as the mist form like a crown on top of Bluff Knoll.


Fire in the sky

Stirling Range in Western Australia is such an amazing place! You can’t get enough pictures of it and you can’t get it wrong anywhere you take it, its just a photogenic place!

I did a mission to go to Bluff Knoll for a sunset shoot as the front of the mountain faces west. I thought it would be amazing to capture the a sunset shot of it. I set up my camera make sure everything is level on my tripod. Then all I have to do is wait. I was looking at the sky about 15 minutes before sunset and there is plenty of clouds. It made me think that I might not have the shot I was hoping for.Then just after sunset I have noticed there is a tinge of red color just above the horizon. I thought its a good sign after all that I am going to have what I am hoping for. Then after 5 minutes it turned like a flame! Its panic time! Panic, its because I have to take picture of two subject Bluff Knoll and the Stirling Range as well and I only have a few minutes to do it. The cloud just lit up and brighten up the colour of the wild flowers and it silhouetted the mountain ranges, Its more than I hoped for. A truly a magical place and experience. I hope you all like it : )

“Fire in the sky” Stirling Range Western Australia


Road to Stirling

This photo of the Stirling Range was taken from Formby South Road on our way to Bluff Knoll. I can’t help not to take photo of this scene, Its just an amazing landscape!

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