Coral Bay, WA



Milky Way in Coral Bay, WA

I finally got a chance to take a photo of the Milky way. I was hoping I could take a picture of it in Karijini National Park. But due to the full moon coming that week when we were there was not possible because the moon was so bright.

I finally got to do it in Coral Bay. I would like to make it different from others, and this was I think never been shot before (using boat as center of interest) or never seen like that before. Well, thats what I know, I guess. My first attempt was a boat floating. But its quite impossible to do, as the scene was really dark and needed a long exposure and the boat would be blurry. Even if I take two exposure shots. Anyway, luckily there’s a stationary boat on the beach (coral view snorkel tours), and its on perfect position. The milky way is just above it! The main challenge was the high tide!. Literally, the water was really past approaching to my tripod. It was inches away touching it and my tripod would sink if it did, and would ruin my shot. Anyway, I hope you all like it.


Coral Bay, Patterns

Here is one of my Aerial shot from Coral Bay, Western Australia. What grabs me on this shot was the patterns created by sandbar and the colours of the reefs and the sea.

Five Fingers Reef 1 – Coral Bay, Western Australia

One of the most exciting activities we did in Coral Bay, was flew over it. As soon as I found out that there is a scenic flight. I thought why not see how beautiful it is from above, and didn’t disappoint! Here is one of many. I hope you like it as much we did flying over it.

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