Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas, Queensland



Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas, Queensland


Sugarcane Farmer


This photo was taken on our way to Port Douglas from Cairns in Queensland. I’ve always wanted to photographed these kind of scene and I finally got one! I was photographing the farmer while he was driving his tractor. When he saw me, he stopped and approached me. At first, I thought I was in trouble. As I found out that he only wanted to talk to us if were interested in buying his property.

We ended up having a little chat and heard all the difficulties and hardship in farming sugarcane. Its a little bit sad because we can feel their hardship. I just thought put this up as a tribute not just for the sugarcane farmers but for the other farmers. Hope we got some awareness and support for them.


Mossman Gorge


From the pristine Daintree Rainforest of North Queensland comes… Mossman Gorge

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