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Super Blue and Blood Moon – Perth Western Australia 31st January 2018

F11 @ 1/4 s ISO 50 EF 28-300 mm L lens @ 105 mm

Super Blue Moon and Blood Moon a rare occasion that Blue Moon and Lunar eclipse and the closest to Earth happens at the same time.

Super Moon, Perth, Western Australian 14th November 2016

F5.6 @ 1/8 s ISO 50 EF 28-300 mm L lens @ 65 mm

Super Moon in Perth, Western Australia was taken from the Kings Park. Thousand of people came to witness the rare occasion that the moon will be closer to earth.

Hillarys lighthouse – Hillarys Boat Harbour, WA

F16 @ .6 s ISO 50 EF 28-300 mm L lens @ 28 mm

Photographed of Hillarys boat harbour lighthouse. I like how the sunset light reflect on to the cloud formation on to the left. These scene amazes me as the people fishing enjoying their fishing while I am enjoying the changes of light and the formation of the clouds.

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