Port Stephens, NSW



Port Stephens NSW


Port Stephens is made up of lovely coastal hamlets on the NSW Central Coast. My wife (Liz) and I have visited Port Stephens several times, we love all the amazing Australian landscapes and seascapes that can be captured there, trees, beaches, lighthouses, sand dunes it’s great.  In summer it is full of holiday makers and bursting at the seams, in winter it is quieter and more serene.

We visited Anna Bay, Nelson Bay, Salamander bay and Point Stephens, we took our chances crossing the treacherous Fingal Spit to Fingal Island  at low tide and spent the day in misting rain to take a photo of the lighthouse. Many people have lost their lives on the spit and we didn’t’ want to suffer the same fate, when we crossed back over the spit as the storm was rolling in  across the sea and I got some great shots of the stormy sky. Check out Port Stephens at  http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/tomaree-national-park/point-stephens-lighthouse-fingal-island/historic-site


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