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 North Narrabeen NSW Ocean pool


The Story of how I took the North Narrabeen Ocean pool shot.

Four weeks before we moved from Sydney NSW to Perth WA on January 2012 my wife Liz and I went to North Narrabeen Beach to photograph the ocean pool, as I thought this might be the last chance to photograph it. When we got there late in the afternoon it was really cloudy and  seemed like it was going to rain. While I was waiting for the right light and looking for a right spot to take the shot Liz went for a swim. Time passed by and it was getting dark, I started to see some lightning in the background and I thought it might be an opportunity to take a picture with a lightning background. After I chose a place to take the picture, I tried to take a shot every time the lightning struck It was really difficult to get the timing as you are probably aware the speed of light is the fastest speed, so I had no chance capturing it! So I decided to wait longer till it was completely dark. I planned to capture it on a very long exposure in complete darkness which really suits me and luckily the light pole was turned off as well and made it easier for me to get the right exposure. As you can see from the photo I did get some lightning in the background it took me 560 seconds or 9.3 minutes and this very long exposure also made the remaining people at the pool who were getting ready to go home look like a ghosts!

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