South West, WA



The Sugarloaf Rock


Sugarloaf Rock is one of most photographed landscape in South Western Australia.

Here is my photo of Sugarloaf Rock from Cape to Cape trail. Even though it was stormy that weekend, We still had a great day! Now I understand why they say its great lighting in “South Western Australia. It’s constantly changing and you have to be always ready!

My wife and I walked the Cape to Cape walk from Sugarloaf rock to the Cape lighthouse. While walking we looked back to get another shot of the rock from the distance, the clouds moved and I saw a finger of sunlight shining down on top of Sugarloaf so I decided to take picture of it but by the time I set up the camera and tripod, the light disappeared!  Then I looked at the sun, and it was just covered by small cloud, meaning it will come out again! My heart was thumping and got really excited, I made sure this time I am ready once it comes out, and there it is! The shot that I wanted, with the shadows of the clouds on the hills as well with some green bush. It was beautiful out there! I hope you all like it.

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