Woonona NSW



Woonona NSW


I have visited beautiful Woonona NSW (a northern suburb of Wollongong NSW http://visitwollongong.com.au ) several times, it’s a great spot to take friends and visitors to Sydney. When visiting a good friend who lives near this beach I got up early one morning to capture dawn breaking over Woonona beach, these images are the results of my efforts. It all started on a pitch black morning the sun started to rise as I walked through the rocks with rushing sea water from the big splash of the sea.  It was a little bit scary walking through the rocks as you can see from the picture the waves are quite big and with all the news we hear about people getting washed out from the rocks of the beach, its at the back of my head that I’m no different from them.

I spotted those two early surfers with the light slowly creeping out as my main subject. After I have set up my camera the first person already jumped in, thus I called it “The early Surfer”. With the sun quickly rising  creating a  rich warm color on the sky and the big waves splashing that gave me a good subject which I called the “Morning Splash”. Then I walked through the rocks with rushing sea water from the big splash of the sea I decided to take a picture of a little rock-pool with sunlit seaweed and rushing seawater in the background. With the sun quickly rising and the big waves splashing I decided to use that as my main subject for my image Summer Morning.

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